We Are Cedar Cash Home Buyers

We’ve been in the real estate industry for 25 years. With our background in mortgages, appraisals, and real estate agents. We’re an expert in all aspects of the real estate business.

We Buy Houses in Louisiana

We understand that selling a home is no small event. That’s why we do our best to educate our customers on the process allowing them to make an informed decision on their own. We know that no one will accept an offer that does not suit their needs, so we give the best we can by keeping as much of this process nested within our own company.

Cedar Cash Home Buyers

Here Are Some of the Homeowner’s Experience

We Buy Houses In Louisiana

For years, we have been buying houses just like yours in order to renovate and resell. Our passion is to bring restoration to homes, so it may bring life to a new homeowner. What some may see as old and worthless, we see as the potential for new beginnings.

Brian Smith


Brian is a family man. He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter when he is not working. He is also a Veteran and enjoys serving his community. He comes from a family of real estate professionals that have a long history of anything associated with real estate.


Selling Coordinator

Alyson is in charge of customer care. She makes sure clients are taken care of from start to finish. Making people feel comfortable through every step of the process is her priority!


We promise to be honest, fair and transparent to you throughout every step of the process. It’s who we are! It’s what we Believe! We pledge to not take advantage of others struggles, but to give our highest possible offer and provide the best solution. We also know that sometimes this is a private matter and is a situation that is very personal to you. Please rest assured we will never disclose any information about your transaction to anyone other ourselves and you. 

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