We Buy Houses in Louisiana

We understand that selling a home is no small event. That’s why we do our best to educate our customers on the process allowing them to make an informed decision on their own. We know that no one will accept an offer that does not suit their needs, so we give the best we can by keeping as much of this process nested within our own company.

Brian Smith


Brian is a family man. He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter when he is not working. He is also a Veteran and enjoys serving his community. He comes from a family of real estate professionals that have a long history of anything associated with real estate.

Here Are Some of the Homeowner’s Experience

Louisiana Local House Buying Company

Rental Properties

We love having rentals. Every house we look at we try to keep. We enjoy fixing houses and giving our friends, family, and neighbors safe clean homes to live in. If the house will not make a good rental for us, then we go ahead and flip that property.

Home Builders

Brian is also a general contractor that loves to build homes. Sometimes if a house is too far gone to repair, we can just start from scratch. Also, any vacant land that needs to be developed is a perfect deal for us!


We promise to inform every customer of all of the details of the transaction, to be fair, to never take advantage of anyone, and to do anything it takes to create win-win solutions in every transaction.

We do not believe in taking advantage of others. We are in the business of helping homeowners that need or want an easy way to sell their house. We treat each customer as a member of our own family and would always assist anyone with anything within our power.

We Look Forward To Doing Business With You!

We promise to be honest, fair and transparent to you throughout every step of the process. It’s who we are! It’s what we Believe! We pledge to not take advantage of others struggles, but to give our highest possible offer and provide the best solution. We also know that sometimes this is a private matter and is a situation that is very personal to you. Please rest assured we will never disclose any information about your transaction to anyone other ourselves and you. 

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