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See How Simple It Is?

This explained the steps involved in selling your house to us. But how do we come up with all of this?

We want you to be highly educated on this process to make the most informed decision.

What follows next is a detailed explanation in our own words of how the home-buying process works from beginning to end. Please take the time to read this page as it WILL make you an expert in the topic.

But First There Is Something You Should Know

A Cash Offer is not always the best option for some sellers. BUT IT IS THE SIMPLEST!!! If you have a home that you don’t mind waiting to sell, listing with an agent may be a good option for you. If you have a home that you want sold FAST, listen up the rest of this page is for you!

How Do You Come Up With Your Offer?

(After Repair Value) – (Repairs) – (Selling Cost) – (Profit) = Your Offer

“ENGLISH PLEASE!!! What is a selling cost? What is an after repair value? What kind of profit are you trying to make?”

After Repair Value

The amount your home is worth after all necessary repairs are made.


Many homes will need certain repairs to make them ready to sell.

Your Offer

After we subtract all of the expenses, then this is what we are able to offer!

Selling Cost

The cost for us to sell the property at a later date or refinance for a rental.

Market Value

The current as is value if you were to sell the house to a retail buyer.


We are a business and do need to make a profit for us to stay in business.

What Does All This Mean To Me?

Let’s Look At Some Numbers

After Repair Value = $300,000

Current “As-Is” Market Value = $150,000

Repair Cost = $50,000

Selling Cost = $30,000

Our Minimum Profit = $20,000

$300,000 – $50,000 – $30,000 – $20,000 = $200,000

So, in this scenario the seller would be getting a cash offer of $200,000 directly to them!

Now On To The Details About A Cash Offer for Your House!

Selling your home could be an extremely overwhelming task, especially when you have things going on that make you need to sell fast. Being able to sell your house for cash means it can happen fast! This outline will walk you through step by step the process of selling your house for cash.

Find A Cash Home Buyer.

This is actually extremely simple. The most common way is to search for: We buy houses [your city and state], Sell my house fast [your city and state], or Cash home buyers [your city and state]. You could also call the “We buy houses” signs on the side of the road. Sometimes you may have gotten a letter in the mail in regard to purchasing your home.

Due Your Own Homework.

After finding a few cash buyers, do some research on them. Most times people think that they can make money in real estate easily and just throw up a random website and don’t put much effort into it. If someone is not willing to put the work into their own business, they will likely now put much effort into your real estate deal. Look at their business page. Look and see if they have social media. If they do not have any of these things, then they are likely not a reputable company.

Submit Your Information.

After you have found a reputable house buyer and feel like they are the perfect person for you to work with, submit your information to them. Usually, the things needed are a reliable way to contact you, the address for the property you would like to sell, and the information about that property (bedroom, bathroom, square footage, approximate age, any repairs needed).

Schedule An Appointment To Show The House.

Typically, after submitting your information to the cash buyer, they will reach out to you. During the walk-through be sure to point out any problems there may or may not be with the house. If you have recently had any major items replaced be sure to let them know so you can get a higher offer. There should never be any charge for this walk through. Once the Cash Buyer sees everything, they will give you an offer. Try to have an attorney or family member look over the contract if you’re unsure.

Get Your Cash!

After the walk through, and the cash offer is accepted by you, you will schedule a closing date that is convenient for you. At the closing table you will receive a check from the proceeds of selling your home. The buyer will cover all closing cost and you will walk away with a check. It really is that simple.

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Some Of Our Projects

The home above is a home we bought in New Iberia LA for cash. It was vacant for approximately 10 years and needed some major renovations. A bank would not have been able to finance a home like this as it was not currently in living condition. We were able to purchase this home for cash and close in 14 days. After installing a new roof, new AC, new bathrooms, new appliances, and a fresh coat of paint everywhere, this home was in the condition it was always meant to be! We enjoy being able to rejuvenate the area and the neighbors always enjoy us increasing their property value!

The Pink House

We call this the Pink House, well at least that’s what my daughter does. We bought this house with cash and closed in 19 days. This house was in extremely bad condition from the lack of maintenance over the years. The tub was on the verge of falling through the floor, and if you stepped on the floor too hard you would have too! The house had termite damage and powder post beetles in all of the floors. As you can see from the before picture, the owner had it for sale by owner and no other investor would take this on. We were able to come in and help her out of this situation and get the house back into a beautiful home.

Questions You May Still Have About Selling Your Home For Cash

“My house needs too many repairs.”

The great thing about cash buyers is that there is no bank involved. Meaning that no matter the repairs an investor is able to purchase the property because they have the skills and the know how to make the home in premium condition.

“Why would I sell my home to an investor instead of a real estate agent?”

If you want the most possible money for your property, usually it is best to sell with an agent. But if you need to sell quickly, not want to show your home, have work that needs to be done, or just want a stress-free process an investor could be a good option for you.

“Do I need to clean my house?”

Not if you don’t want to! Take whatever you want and leave the rest. Most cash home buyers already have crews emplace that can handle anything that you leave behind. Weve seen it all, leave the fridge ad all the food in it!

“I am not ready to move, I need more time.”

The great part about working with us is that we can be extremely flexible in our deals. If you need to live in the property for some time we can work that in the deal for you.

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